The Sunshine State

50 Shades of Colour

#2 Watercolour

What an exciting month February turned out to be!

I have been lucky enough to be able to spend that past two weeks working and travelling around the South East coast of Florida between Miami and Orlando, and it was a blast. Going anywhere different always gets my head going looking at new shapes, colours, textures.  You see things with a new perspective I always think. Whilst travelling I tried to record some of the amazing sights and colours that we encountered, all of which seemed to be heightened and accentuated by the Florida sunshine. Unfortunately my humble phone camera could not capture or pay true homage to the images, despite my repeated efforts!


Don't get me wrong, this was a working trip and not a holiday, so there was a lot of travelling between meetings and hotel rooms involved, but I took my watercolours with me and managed to schedule in some time to paint along the way so it was not all work and no play. 



It was also fantastic to have my ten year old daughter travelling with me for the first time on a working holiday and she was an absolute star, no complaints or issues throughout the whole two week trip, despite the hundreds of miles travelled, five flights and three different hotels involved! Maybe that was something to do with our final working location being at Disney World in Florida, where she was duly serenaded by Prince Charming with Cinderella looking on in amusement!!! 

Still I have come back visually rejuvenated and excited to get started again in my studio.  This renewed vigor has also inspired a complete re-vamp and spring clean of my working spaces and studio storage, and I will share more about that in my future blogs. And Spring is just around the corner.  Yippee!!!

Be gentle on yourself and kind to others. Happy Crafting!

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