Forgotten How To Play?

A few years ago I was having one of those ‘feeling a bit down’ moments. You know what it’s like, the kids all needing different things at the same time, day job being demanding, husband away, house a mess and needing a quick tidy - sound familiar? Well on closer inspection I suddenly realised that the thing that was getting me down more than any of that, was that I hadn’t actually done anything creative or MADE anything for months. I hadn't tried out a new pattern or art technique or bought any new materials – it was all work and no play.

So the first thing I did was to make a promise to myself that each week I’d spend more time playing - exploring, creating and experimenting. It didn’t take long before I found that I had a burst of energy and activity as a result. I created lots of hand painted silk scarves, hats and blankets that I’d hand dyed, hand spun, wet felted, arm knitted, crocheted, it didn’t matter what just as long as I was spending time making things.

And guess what? The kids, the job, my husband and our home all carried on being demanding and sometimes untidy (although not necessarily in that order!) but I had that outlet that helped me to face each day with a more positive outlook.


Click here to read my previous blog about setting up my playroom (sorry, erm studio) but once it was finished, I realised that it was the perfect place to offer other people a little bit of that sanctuary and the fulfilment you get from trying something new. Allowing others to also come away with something physical, beautiful and completely made by you.  YES YOU!   So as well as looking around at some of my scarves, hats and blankets that hopefully you’ll like, I’d really urge you to have a look at the workshops I’m offering at the moment.

I’ve just put up some new Spring dates (click here for more details) where you can escape for a few hours in my gorgeous log cabin studio, choose a playlist, grab a cup of tea or piece of cake, get away for a few hours from the hamster wheel and enjoy making, creating, exploring, learning, laughing, joking, drinking, messing up occasionally, but more importantly trying something new.


If I had a pound for everyone I’ve met who told me they wish they could sew or crochet, but are too afraid or embarrassed to start now then I really would be rich. As it is, I’ll settle for being content, as I try to get just a few of you to come join me in my studio to have fun making things again.  The lovely lady in the picture above hadn't knitted since school, yet after a few hours of our No Needle Knitting workshop, she went home with a gorgeous hand made jumbo knitted throw.  

So, whether there are particular sewing or knitting techniques you’ve always wanted to learn, or if you just fancy a chance for a bit of a sociable way to extend into a new circle of friends you really should give it a go.


Can you picture the joy on your kids faces when it was time for messy play? Well I remembered that was me once. And it could be you too. I like to think my workshops are basically messy play for grown ups!

Hope to see some of you this spring.

Jacqui x

Pink Alpaca's Spring Workshops



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