Sundays are special days in our house and it’s got nothing to do with having a lie in, because let's face it, when do they ever happen any more?  It’s mainly because there’s usually a moment when the whiff of baking fills the house. Remember those Bisto gravy ads of yesteryear which drew the family into the kitchen for Pink Alpaca TogetherSunday lunch? It’s the same thing in our house, when the smell of baking usually signals the fact that my daughter has finished her homework, watched all her favourite YouTube vloggers and that Snapchat is momentarily quiet. It is then that she decides it’s time to bake and last Sunday morning was no different. However, it wasn’t the gorgeous apple and rhubarb crumble that caught my attention but the fact that on the worktop next to the resulting pile of washing up, her laptop was playing a Christmas movie while she baked!

Pink Alpaca Christmas ElfYes really - Christmas in September?!!!  It's definitely her favourite time of year, and from now on we’ll all be reminded of that on a daily basis, as will Netflix whose festive movie section will be getting some hammering - she will no doubt be watching a different Xmas movie every day until Dec 25th arrives!


The reason I’m writing about this now, is because when I think of Christmas I’m reminded of all those lovely moments of quality time, spent as a family. I have just finished my most recent sewing course which was attended by fabulous mothers spending quality time with their respective beautiful daughters.


I’ve blogged previously here about how it was my mum who first got me into sewing, but to be part of encouraging a similar experience between other families has been amazing. To top it all, daughter Polly, (featured in this pic), had bought the course as a special surprise birthday present for her mum so that they could do something fun together - what a lovely thing to do!


It has been so inspiring to see those families being together, learning together, laughing together in my studio.  Of course when I started offering these sewing, felting and chunky 'No Needles Knitting' workshops, I had hoped people would get as much joy as I do from working with beautiful fabrics, acquiring new skills and spending time away from hustle and bustle of real life.  Looking back at who has booked onto our courses over the last couple of years, it turns out that about half have come along with a close friend or family member  – a Mum, Dad, Gran, Daughter, Son, Sister or Cousin.   

With all of these warm, fuzzy feelings swirling around... (and prompted by seeing Elf for the umpteenth time on my daughter’s laptop)... it got me thinking.  The gift of spending quality time, learning and laughing with a loved one is a perfect Christmas present, so - ( drum roll please...!) -  I’m offering a 20% discount* to all families who book on one of my Pre-Christmas or New Year courses together.  That's a discount on the combined price of two or more places booked at the same time.
 I can even provide a special gift voucher and card on booking which can be wrapped and just waiting under your tree to be opened when the big day arrives. 

Please click here for a list of all the workshops I offer – midweek, weekend, evening or day long. Don't forget that the whole studio can also be booked for your family workshop if you would like to invite even more family/friends along to join in the fun!  There is something for everyone, from beginners to advanced sewing, felted cat baskets (yes really...), chunky knit blankets that you really can make yourself in just one session and a whole lot more.  There are even opportunities for individual tuition, for those of you who might want some private learning before delving into the group courses.


But if there’s nothing that suits you here then please feel free to send me a message with your special requests. I have also found a few other local courses that you might want to try - I can’t vouch for them, but they look like really brilliant things to try out together.

Whatever you choose to do, hope you have fun and enjoy.  Oh, and is it too early to wish you a Happy Christmas???- Ok, yes maybe it is!!!!

Love Jacqui xxx

* To receive the 20% discount, just type the word #TOGETHERNESS in the voucher code section when you book 2 or more places on one of my courses - click here for the link It will be valid for all Pink Alpaca courses from 1st Dec and up until the end of March, but your course/s must be booked before the magical stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve.


PS Thanks to Bisto for the image, and if you want to be inspired, check out their brilliant project called Spare Chair Sunday












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