About Me

My mother taught me how to hand-sew at the age of 5 and I immediately started making gift items for my family and friends. My passion for colour, form and creativity continued at the ripe old age of seven when I was also taught how to knit, crochet and to use a basic sewing machine. I was hooked from that point on and have continued to mix a range of crafting skills and techniques in my work.

My fascination with colour and all things textured also continued to develop when a friend introduced me to wet-felting and then I taught myself spinning. I now dye my own fibres, using natural and commercial dyes on locally sourced alpaca and sheep fleeces, which are then hand-carded, and spun into fibres for use in my art projects and art-yarn production.


But whether I’m making things for myself, my family, friends and customers, one thing I really love doing is sharing my experience by leading workshops to help others discover their creativity, like my mother like daughter I suppose!

You’ll find a wide range of them run from my studios here in Cheshire - everything from short taster sessions through to indulging yourself in a full weekend away, where you can immerse yourself in making gorgeous items in the beautiful countryside of the Peak District.


And if you're wondering why we're called Pink Alpaca, take a look at my blog here.  In the meantime Happy Crafting & Warmest Woolly Regards!

Jacqui & the Team - Pink Alpaca