• WHAT IS PINK ALPACA? I've had two great passions throughout my life (please don't tell hubby and kids I said this!) and they are making beautiful things for my friends and family, and trying to help others be more creative.  I firmly believe that we were born wanting to make, draw and create, but so many of us seem to lose that instinct and confidence as we grow up.   This concept runs through the way I've designed my new business, where I'm putting both passions in one place.  Click here for to find out more about how I turn raw smelly fleeces into things I think would brighten up any home.
  • CAN ANYONE DO THESE WORKSHOPS?  YES!!!!  That's the whole point.  I've specifically designed courses to cater for all abilities.  Taster sessions that start from the very basics for those who like the idea of trying something new, but don't have the confidence......right through to inspirational workshops for those who already know the basics.
  • WHY ARE YOU CALLED PINK ALPACA?  Soon after I started to spin, I wanted to make a scarf for my daughter.  She has eczema and woollen products always make her itchy.  Alpaca fibre is lighter and warmer than sheep's wool and also contains no lanolin which makes it hypoallergenic. So it's perfect for anyone with sensitive skin.  Oh, and pink is her favourite colour!